things that casino dealers know

What are Some Things that Casino Dealers Know that Most People don’t?

For a few years, I was a Casino dealer. I was also a skilled blackjack player with no bankroll (i.e., I didn’t make much money at blackjack). Now, I’m not sure if “most” people are unaware of these facts, but I can provide you with a list of typical misunderstandings among players that I have experienced. Here are some facts that casino dealers know but most people don’t.

“Bad tablemates enhance your chances of losing”

Let’s get this out of the way first. Your chances of winning or losing are the same regardless of how poorly someone else at your table is playing. The only thing that matters is your approach to the game.

I understand your viewpoint. “But what if someone gets a 16, and the dealer busts? That occurs all the time!” Don’t be concerned. The evil player saves and destroys the table in equal measure. Basic strategy isn’t a magical formula that guarantees everyone will win if they follow it. When flashing a 6, the dealer isn’t “supposed” to bust. Basic strategy will not result in things happening “the way they should.”

The most frustrating aspect of this is that no one ever plays flawless fundamental strategy. So everyone who is upset about how someone plays is a hypocrite.

“The shuffling machines have been tampered with”

No, they’re not. You’re losing because the game’s rules are set up to favor the house. Gamblers’ recollections are selective. They recall all the times their straight was beaten by a packed house, but they forget all the times it was the other way around. They will discover that you are just as likely to profit from a bad beat as you are to lose if they play long enough and keep track.

I’d also like to point out that casinos are heavily controlled. Rigging the shuffle machines is unlawful, and the consequences might be severe enough to force the casino to close. It would also be detrimental to the business. To keep players coming back, the casino requires them to have a fairly “fair” chance of winning. The regulations give the house a significant advantage. They don’t need to manipulate the machines to drive gamers away.

“Following a trend can help you win”

There is a trend here. However, all Casino dealers know that it is unexpected and random. What are the chances that the banker will win the following hand after winning 5 hands in a row in baccarat? Many individuals believe that the banker has a low probability of winning the following hand, whereas many frequent baccarat players believe that the banker has a good chance of winning. They’re both mistaken. No matter how many consecutive hands the banker wins, the odds remain the same. A little more than half.

The casino will provide players with paper and a pen to “assist” them in keeping track of the pattern in any way they like. The casino is attempting to propagate the notion that you can figure out the pattern and win by doing so.

“There are fortunate and unfortunate dealers”

You take a seat at a blackjack table, place your bet, and receive your chips. The first hand is lost. The second hand is lost. The last. The final one. Fifth. Sixth. You throw up your hands in frustration, switch tables, and swear you’ll never play with that dealer again. You, too, are a moron. Also, you did not lose due to the dealer’s bad luck. You lost because the cards were dealt in an unfavorable order for you at the moment. But that only Casino dealers know. That concludes it.

When it comes to players winning at their tables, dealers, like players, have ups and downs. It’s virtually entirely down to chance. All dealers, in the long run, take more money than they give out. A dealer was never removed from a table in the casino where I worked because management believed they were unfortunate for the establishment. Management believed that placing a dealer on a table would bring the casino good luck. If any casino continues to do so, it should seek new management.

“When players lose, the dealers gain more money”

Nope. On the contrary. When players lose, casinos do not pay their dealers more. When the players win, though, the dealers receive more tips, making them more money.

I simply want to provide some guidance. Don’t get upset if you lose money in a casino. You did not lose because of the dealer. It’s your responsibility for playing a game that is meant to cause you to lose. Visit the casino for some fun. If you attend for any other purpose, you will almost certainly be disappointed.