Roulette Game Variations

Most Popular Roulette Game Variations

The beauty of roulette is that it may be played in a variety of ways, depending on the game provider. Take a look at some of the most popular Roulette game variations in the world:

European Roulette

This is a popular variety in Asia, Europe, and Africa, and all European Roulette versions include only one green pocket, which is worth zero. The double-zero pocket will be absent from this variant (see below American Roulette). The good news is that you now have a reduced home advantage (because there are fewer numbers to predict).

There is also an “en jail” regulation on several European Roulette tables. This implies that if the ball lands on zero, you may be able to recoup a bet made on even money bets. (odd/even, red/black).

The specifics of how this works differ each casino. But it might result in you receiving half of your wager returned. You may also be given the option of keeping the “imprisoned” stake and using it to your next wager to boost your overall return (if you win the next bet).

French Roulette game Variations

Although French roulette is essentially identical to European roulette, the tables have a few cosmetic distinctions.

Although all the numbers are usually labeled in red, this does not preclude you from betting red or black. Black pockets remain on the actual Roulette wheel.

The “French Bets” are another significant distinction. This means you may bet on specific areas of the Roulette wheel, such as all the numbers closest to zero. (this would mean placing multiple bets at the same time).

Finally, the ‘in jail’ norm will apply, but it will be referred to as ‘la partage’ in true French fashion.

American Roulette

This is the most popular Roulette variant. With 38 standard numbers on the wheel, as well as a zero and a double zero.

Because of the zero and double zero, the house edge rises; without these two pockets, most bets would pay out at even money. You could also come across certain single-zero wheels with greater limitations and a house edge comparable to the European version.